Gateway to the Arctic

Kotzebue Regional Jail

258-D Fourth Avenue
PO Box 550
Kotzebue, AK 99752
(907) 442-3351

The Jail has an official capacity of 12 prisoners. Kotzebue is the center of government services for a number of satellite villages, and we're the holding facility for the court system, so we usually are near normal capacity, especially with local arrests by the Kotzebue Police.

After arraignment most inmates are sent/ transported to Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome by the State Troopers (AST).

The resident "population" of the jail receive 3 square meals a day. The meals are good and nutritious if basic, but there is no choice of fare.

Inmates are allowed the use of a pay telephone for 15 minutes a day (but usually are able to be on the phone more) minimum, if they desire. There are some books, games and puzzles, but selections are limited to our small bookshelf. Any appropriate books can be donated to the jail library.

The Jail is a 'NO SMOKING' facility.


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