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City Planner

City Planner:  Responsible for interacting with the public to process various City of Kotzebue approved Permit Applications such as: Building Permits, Moving Permits, Excavation Permits, Zoning Variances and Vacation Applications that are submitted within Capital Projects. The City Planner also processes Tideland Use Permits, Temporary Land / Special Land Use Permits, Subdivisions and updates Plans pertinent with Local/State/FEMA Regulations through evaluation with the Planning Commission while maintaining good working relations with State and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) personnel, City Staff, City Attorney and particularly the Planning Commission consisting of seven Mayoral appointed Commissioners. The Planning Commission makes recommendations through Planning Commission Resolutions when proposed documents are received that follow the duties and responsibilities of the Planning Commission in accordance with particular Kotzebue Municipal Code (KMC) Titles and Chapters.


Sam Atkinson - Planning Director

Gem Belamour - City Planner