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New Refuse Carts FAQs


Q:  What are the new residential carts for?

            A:  The new residential carts were ordered and implemented as means to help keep the community clean.   They were also ordered to be used with the City of Kotzebue’s new front loading dump truck.  The new system will help keep our operational costs to a minimum without having to increase refuse collection rates.

Q: Can we still use our existing bins and not use the new carts?

A:  Most existing trash bins tend to create loose trash and is a nuisance to our community. We prefer you use the new system. There will be a transition period between the new carts and your existing trash bin.  We hope to have full utilization and implementation within a few months.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Q:  What if my trash won’t fit in the new cart? Can I still use my existing bin?

A: Please call us to make arrangements to obtain a second cart.

Q: What will happen when it is windy?

A:  Please keep your cart secure until it is your day for pickup, If we are having a storm the public will be notified of an alternate pickup date.  If the carts should blow away, the carts are numbered to help with identification.

Q:  Am I responsible for a damaged cart? 

A:  If it was not done by the City or its crew, then yes.  If someone takes your cart, or damages it, then you would file a police report.

Q:  Can the city make me buy a cart?

A:  Resolution 12-40 authorized the City to purchase the new collection carts in an effort to provide an enclosed container for collection, and to minimize the manpower required to collect refuse.  As outlined in KMC 8.04, only authorized receptacles are allowed, of which this cart now meets that standard.  We hope the community will adjust to the new collection system within a few months as we aim to provide you a clean and efficient service.

Q:  If don’t want a cart because I hall my own trash to a community dumpster, do I still have to pay a garbage bill?

A: Yes.      

For more information, contact our Public Works office at 442-3401 x200.