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Animal Control

Kotzebue Animal Control Information

Kotzebue Animal Control is handled by the Community Service Officer that responds to numerous calls daily concerning the safety and health of Kotzebue's pet population.

Required Licensing and Rabies vaccinations are available during business hours Monday thru Friday.

Kotzebue Police Officers will respond to after hours calls.

All Dogs in the City of Kotzebue MUST be licensed (lifetime license).

Dogs with a form of ID. (i.e. Tags) are kept for one(1) week.

Dogs without a form of ID are kept for 24 hours.

$5.00 Individual Dog License


$50.00 initial Impoundment Fee
$10.00 Each Day thereafter


City Code

6.04.020 - License—Required—Fee.

Every dog within the city of Kotzebue over six months old or weighing over twenty pounds shall be subject to a one-time license fee of five dollars.

Persons owning five dogs or less shall obtain a license in the sum of five dollars per dog.

Persons owning six dogs or more shall obtain a kennel license from the city for thirty dollars.


Community Service Officer

CSO Darilyn Nelson

Community Service Officers are tasked with the enforcement of all ordinances, such as but not limited to directing traffic, assisting at school crossings, investigation, and disposal of abandoned vehicles, parking tickets, animal calls, property maintenance and to conduct patrols including calls for service as related to the aforementioned activities.